What can we do for you?

Simply Wonderful exists to serve you. Tell us what you need, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Here are some of the events that we have created for our clients:

  • 3 meals a day for 14 days for 50 conference attendees from around the world. It was supposed to be a one-time event, but the conference (location, content and hospitality services) was so popular with attendees that the U.S. organizer returned to Montreal the following year. (Someone recommended us to them on chowhounds.com.)
  • A welcome-home dinner for returning soldiers that served 300 guests a 3-course dinner in a facility with virtually no kitchen facilities.
  • Lunch for 500 provided to participants in a fund-raiser held at Place du Canada (the first year it was sweltering, the second year it rained).
  • A seated wedding reception at a local museum for 180 guests where we had access to the room only 90 minutes before the guests arrived.
  • A gourmet seafood dinner for 20 guests, with one guest who was allergic to seafood.
  • A corporate cocktail-dinatoire for 150 guests which featured 10 Canadian and Bavarian food selections
  • An anniversary dinner that contained no dairy and no gluten.
  • A “sustainability lunch”, featuring a 100-mile menu, sponsored by the City of Westmount.


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Simply Wonderful Spices Up the Food Bank Experience at the Welcome Hall Mission Welcome Hall Mission reaches out to the homeless, to needy families, new immigrants, street youth, and children by providing shelter, food, rehabilitation and social reinsertion programs, and personal counseling services all intended to break the cycle of poverty and to build a better life. Read more

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Did you know

It's the preparation that adds the calories

It's the cooking method (frying instead of grilling or steaming) and sauces that add the calories.