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Environmental Sustainability – Giving our Youth a Greener Future

Simply Wonderful is proud to be the first carbon-free Montreal caterer!

Climate change due to carbon emissions has become a serious problem for our planet and has led to a reduction in the biodiversity of our oceans and forests, increased levels of extreme and unusual weather patterns around the globe, and accelerated melting rates of our polar ice sheets.  Scientists agree that climate change is largely due to the result of human activities and the consumption of fossil fuels.  Scientists also agree that the way to avert additional environmental damage is to reduce one’s production of greenhouse gases.

Simply Wonderful aims to participate in the global imperative to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions by participating in carbon offset projects – projects that develop new sources of renewable energy or through energy conservation, and which adhere to rigorous standards and third-party audits and certifications. Learn more.

To this end, Simply Wonderful is proud to be the first carbon-free Montreal caterer by partnering with Planetair to offset all of its carbon emissions. 

About Planetair 

Planetair is a not-for-profit service offered by the Unisféra International Centre. Planetair helps individuals, corporations, and institutions to reduce their climate footprint. Launched in 2005, it has three main goals:

  • To raise the awareness of individuals, corporations, and institutions about how their day-today activities impact upon our global climate.
  • To foster the behavioural changes required to reduce their GHG emissions.
  • To call for actions to offset those GHG emissions that cannot be effectively reduced.

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