Hors d'œuvresIt's the little things that make you happy

Simple or complex, our hors d’oeuvres are always packed with flavour – a perfect blend of taste and texture.

Please call to place your order; we cannot accept on-line orders.

Fish & Seafood

  • Smoked salmon rosette in cucumber cup$2.25
  • Mini lobster roll$4.75
  • Shrimp cake with jalapeno aioli (hot)$2.50
  • Chili-lime wild shrimp$2.95
  • Roasted wild shrimp cocktail louie$2.95
  • Grilled Mayan shrimp with tequila & lime$2.95
  • Korean wild shrimp popcorn (hot)$2.95
  • Dilled Matane shrimp on mini croissant$2.50
  • Maple-rosemary salmon skewer $2.25
  • Sesame-ginger salmon skewer $2.25
  • Vol-au-vent with crab, artichoke & Parmesan (hot)$2.00


  • Pepper-crusted beef bite with sesame-soy dip$2.50
  • Mini tourtière with homemade ketchup (hot)$2.25
  • Pulled pork slider (hot)$3.00
  • One-bite shepherd’s pie (hot)$2.25
  • Oriental beef meatball (hot)$2.25
  • Piri-piri chicken skewer with Cajun ranch dip$2.00
  • Apricot, sriracha & ginger chicken meatballs (hot)$2.25
  • Korean popcorn chicken (hot)$2.25
  • Popcorn chicken with Cajun mayo$2.00
  • Indian butter chicken skewer (hot)$2.25
  • Lemon-rosemary chicken skewers$2.00
  • Bacon-wrapped date with almond & blue cheese (hot)$2.25
  • Vol-au-vent with mushrooms & Italian sausage (hot)$2.00


  • Mini cheddar cheese ball with pistachios and pomegranate$2.25
  • Glamorgan vegetarian sausage (hot)$2.25
  • Ricotta with roasted balsamic tomato on crostini$1.75
  • Jalapeno pepper jelly and cream cheese on Breton cracker$1.50
  • Tomato-basil shooter with grilled cheese sandwich bite (hot)$2.25
  • Aloo gobi (curried cauliflower and potato) in Chinese spoon (hot)$1.75
  • Falafel with tahini sauce (hot)$1.50
  • Brie, chutney & pecan phyllo triangle (hot)$2.25
  • Focaccia with thyme, chèvre & fig compote$1.50
  • Antipasto skewer (vegetarian)$1.75
  • Tomato-Gruyère tartlet (hot) $1.75
  • Vegetarian rice paper roll with peanut dipping sauce$2.25
  • Emmenthal & grape skewer$1.50
  • Tomato, bocconcini & arugula pesto skewer$1.50
  • Fresh fig & Gorgonzola crostini with caramelized onions$1.75
  • Latke with sour cream & chives (hot)$2.25
  • Spanikopita (hot)$1.75

Minimum order of 24 pieces of any single item. We reserve the right to limit selections from this page to no more than 8 items. All items are made to order; please order early to ensure availability.


I wanted to thank you profusely for all the help and support you provided for our dinner. I would like to thank the chef and his team for the wonderful food as well as the team leader for the amazing service. We were very happy with the professional way everything was run and will certainly recommend you (as we have been doing in the past) for any further events that are held both at our unit or any other unit as well as for our future mess dinners. Finally, thank you for all the prep work and for setting everything up so we could just run with it the day of.

Thanks again.

Royal Montreal Regiment & 712 Communications Squadron Junior Ranks Club