Gourmet dinner partyBeing the host was never so easy!

Whether you’re tired of the same old thing, or need the service of party and event professionals to turn an idea into reality, let Simply Wonderful create, prepare and serve a delicious meal that satisfies the heart as well as the appetite.

For that special evening with family and friends or entertaining business associates, we suggest a dinner party prepared and served in your home. Our standard menu starts at $36 per person. An on-site chef and server are provided at an hourly rate. You may select your entire meal from our menu or choose only those items that will round out what you have time to make, then serve the meal yourself. Since we prepare our food to taste like it came from Pam’s personal kitchen, you can tell your friends that it came from yours. We can keep a secret! 

We have the time to give you peace of mind

Our cheerful professional staff can help you get through all aspects of a fun and successful party or event. We will gladly work with you on any ideas you may have to create the perfect celebration at a price you can afford. Choose from our regular menus, select individual dishes or let us create a menu to meet your specific tastes and dietary requirements.

Call us to find out how we can help make things simple and easy.



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Simply Wonderful Spices Up the Food Bank Experience at the Welcome Hall Mission Welcome Hall Mission reaches out to the homeless, to needy families, new immigrants, street youth, and children by providing shelter, food, rehabilitation and social reinsertion programs, and personal counseling services all intended to break the cycle of poverty and to build a better life. Read more

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Did you know

Simply Wonderful delivers frozen food

Yes, we do. The delivery fee depends on which area you live in.