Social and Corporate Catering: feel like a guest at your own event

Simply Wonderful Catering’s personalized service and attentive staff will make your special occasion the opportunity to enjoy a memory of time spent with family and friends.

Unpretentious and satisfying... it’s all about taste

That’s what we believe is the perfect ingredient for all occasions. Our cheerful professional staff give you peace of mind for your next event, wedding, birthday celebration, in-home dinner or corporate event. Simply Wonderful’s clients in Westmount and Montreal know they can count on personalized attention and trust us to deliver good value, healthy, top quality ingredients and tasty food.

Regardless of the type of service or style of event – from sit-down intimate dinners, cocktail parties with butler-style servers and bar staff, to a gala event dinner – Simply Wonderful can help you enjoy good eating. You can request full service catering, including wait staff and bar tenders, or just select a few dishes to add to what you have time to make yourself. We will gladly work with you on any ideas you may have to create the perfect celebration at a price you can afford!

Simply Wonderful Catering,
a business built simply by taste of mouth.


Simply Wonderful offers full service gourmet catering for parties & events, plus delicious frozen food to heat at home.

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